About Us

SportzKITs was created by two very active kids who inevitably forgot something during sporting events, outdoor adventures and life's activities.

Do you have sunscreen?

Where is the lip balm?

There is no sanitizer or tissue in the port-a-potty.

I need a band-aid or an ice pack! 

I need some tape to wrap an injury or tie my hair back!

Our family is much like yours. When we arrive for a practice, game, tournament or event, we want to be prepared. We thought the items we needed would make a great kit and product for others!

SportzKITs answer the questions before they are asked. We included products made in the USA and those from companies that are trying to reduce our exposure to chemicals to help protect our health and the environment.  

We have discovered they have a much broader use, and are for anyone who wants a kit for being on the go!

We look at the latest research and support products in our SportzKITs that meet our family standards. We use the Environmental Working Group's (EWG's) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to select products with ratings that are non-toxic or where potential hazards and health concerns are low.

We hope you enjoy SportzKITs products as much as we do!