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SportzKITs -

As we shared SportzKITs, we discovered that our initial use in our crazy, busy sports life was just the beginning! Grandma takes her SportzKIT on her art excursions as she paints the outside landscape.  Our neighbor hooks a SportzKIT to their bike as they take a ride down the trail.  A new customer uses their SportzKIT as they hike and camp. Friends pack away in their school backpack.  The uses really are endless!

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New product -

How many times have you been on your way to the tournament, meet, game or practice and your kids pipe up with, "Mom or Dad, I forgot....."  SportzKITs is the answer! It will help you stay sane and help them be self sufficient. They will likely become the go-to teammate on the field when someone needs a tissue, sports wrap, wipe, Band-Aid, sunscreen, some hand sanitizer and more! Better yet, give the gift of organization. Our daughter decided that it was the perfect gift for her friends. Kids and parents both like receiving SportzKITs to throw in their bag or clip to their...

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